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One of the reasons why we are extremely successful in the US Entry Waiver industry is because I am heavily decorated former American law enforcement officer, former law enforcement trainer and former American federal officer. Specifically, I left my last federal agency the year that they changed everything over to the new name of Homeland Security. This foundation and having the academics, educational credentials, street smarts, being a former American law enforcement trainer/instructor, former American federal employee, former American Soldier & Airman and more, easily facilitates the understanding of these waiver applications. Essentially, we learned and previously applied the basic principals behind the foundation of these waiver applications in the field.
Specifically, we previously enforced the same laws and procedures on people (including Canadians) in the USA that the border uses when adjudicating a waiver case. Thus there is a familiarity when waiver applicants come in. I also have a Bachelor degree in Criminology from an American university. We have also conducted border crossing seminars and have trained American immigration lawyers in the fundamentals of resolving USA border crossing issues.
Additionally, I spent years living in rough heavily crime ridden cities in Canada, USA and London UK. This also facilitates our understanding the feelings of waiver applicants since I have also lived in a similar environment. Essentially, I have also lived in the “hood” with them and can think along similar lines. I currently live in Surrey BC (Whalley) and have often heard gunfire erupting from neighbourhoods close by. Please note that Surrey BC is the Compton California/Southside Chicago of Canada.
Hence, this also means that I have come from a similar residential background as them and can relate to their experiences. Hence, when you combine my academic training, job experience and street knowledge, you get a company that can relate to you and use these years of vast experience to maintain a 99-100% success rate with waiver applications.
This is why we feel that my experience from formerly working for the system has a tremendous benefit to the waiver applicants. Again, this is because we previously enforced American federal and state laws. I became disenchanted with the unfairness of the justice system since I felt that the authorities had an unfair advantage over the average person. I also saw the internal abuse and corruption from some officers. Additionally, management could not figure out how I had such a rapport with the people of the community as compared to themselves. They actually did not like this and wanted me to do more arrests and issue more tickets. I have the philosophy that a peace officer is supposed to be working for the community and facilitate the peace process.
Police can make a false statement to you but you cannot do the same back. This is when I decided to stop working for the system and instead just help people on the other side that had decided to turn their lives around and were rehabilitated. We feel that this is more relevant to the applicability of these waiver applications as opposed to a lawyer that only reads from a book, tries to obtain a false media presence and has lived in a gated community his entire life. Again, please note that we have also read and previously enforced the laws and principals from the same book. We just do not offer legal advice or legal services. However, this is a moot and irrelevant point since waivers are a non legal entity anyway.

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Apart from the above, we have a battery of professionals and affiliates who are as important as the bove-mentioned entities and work for us behind the scenes. Nonetheless, their contribution is unmatched and unprecedented, especially for those looking for “U.S entry waiver Edmonton”.
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