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How to Apply for A US Entry Waiver I-192 | US Entry Waiver Legal Services

January 22, 2018

Applying for a us entry waiver is something that should not be taken lightly. Many people don't realize the seriousness of this actual process. They don't understand that this is something that is not to be taken lightly. This is something that will affect your future for the rest of your life. Again, I cannot overstate the importance of this actual process. A lot of discount waiver companies will charge $399 or so to slap together a waiver application and get you out the door. It is nothing more than a cash grab for them and the work is often shoddy and riddled with mistakes.

However, allow me to let you in on some important facts. Did you know that having a us entry waiver can make it harder for you to get a green card in the future? Did you know that having a us entry waiver for criminality means that you would have to have this waiver application packet done every couple of years for the rest of your life? Did you know that this will cause you to spend thousands of dollars over a lifetime? Did you know that if you admit to smoking Marijuana to a CBP Officer that you will have to get a us entry waiver for the rest of your life? This even applies if you have smoked only twice in your life and have admitted to it at the border. Did you know that CBP could revoke a waiver at any time that they feel like it? If this happens then you would not be able to enter the United States.

Let's say it is 2010 and you went to a discount waiver company and they told you that you needed a waiver for your conviction of Assaulting a Police Officer. You paid your $399 and now you possibly have a waiver.

Fast forward to 2021 and you have just met a young woman in Seattle and start dating her. You marry her and she tries to sponsor you into the United States. You now discover that your prior conviction has come back to haunt you and you are refused your green card based upon the conviction and waiver. You protest but the adjudicator says that you now need a hardship waiver I-601. Your I-601 gets denied and you just lost your chance at sponsorship. You go back to the discount waiver company and they tell you tough luck. Out of anger, you punch the owner and now have a 2nd conviction for Assault.

Now all of this could have been avoided if you had not used a discount waiver company in the first place. There are ways to get certain offences cleared permanently and without a waiver. Let's say that we got you a September letter for your offence in 2010. Now you again are going through your sponsorship and now you are approved since your conviction was one that has been deemed by the September Letter to not make you inadmissible to the United States.

You may ask what was the difference? Well, the big thing is that you got proper service and it was determined by CBP that you did not need a waiver. This information is very important before we get into how to apply for a us entry waiver. Again, you need to understand the dangers of using cheap discount waiver companies to prepare your application. The basics of applying for a us entry waiver are pretty common.

Another scenario is that you were charged with drug trafficking but it got dismissed. You went to the discount waiver company and they improperly completed your waiver application. You now have a waiver for a crime where you were not even convicted. You come to us and we tell you that you did not even need a waiver in the first place. You then tell us to try to permanently clear you. Unfortunately, it is an uphill battle now since the service is of the opinion that if you felt that you did not need a waiver then you should have said so in your first application. They would then just go back and issue you a waiver since you admitted to certain elements in your first waiver application that were subsequently used against you. You now will have to pay thousands of dollars over your lifetime for something that possibly could have been fixed right the first time. Btw we have gotten September Letters for people that have had convictions for Assaulting a Police Officer.

The final scenario is that you are a Surrey BC client and have 6 pages of criminal history for a mixture of D.U.I, Home Invasions, Discharging Firearms, Assaulting Police, Dangerous Driving and select more. The RCMP are always pulling you over for no reason and telling you to step out of your car slowly while they have their guns trained on you. You have now changed your life and want to visit Las Vegas with your friends. You come to our office and we assess your criminal record. We show you on paper how we can individually show why each specific offence does not make you inadmissible. We put together your packet along with a presentation to CBP that explains why you are not inadmissible based on your offences. They agree and issue you a September Letter from the ARO in Virginia. You now get to visit Vegas with your friends and are cleared for life from needing a us entry waiver.

Now you have met a Seattle woman and start dating her. You get married and she sponsors you to the USA. Your adjudicator looks at your criminal record and initially tries to tell you that you don't qualify. However, your lawyer points out your September Letter that states that none of your offences has technically made you inadmissible to the United States for your sponsorship. He approves your green card and you now live in Seattle. The $3500 that you spent on the September Letter has now saved you thousands of dollars over your lifetime.


First, you must complete the I-192 application, G-325 and all of the supporting documents. We feel that there is no one size fits all category in terms of applying for a waiver. The big thing is showing that you are rehabilitated, have proof of income, will not re-offend and are deserving of a waiver. Now note that this is where it can get critical. Whatever you put down on your application will be remembered by CBP and possibly used against you in the future. An adjudicator can write back and say that you are not sufficiently rehabilitated even though you have used the checklist provided by CBP. People and discount waiver companies don't understand that the checklist is just a basic guide. Obviously, they will look at a case of child molestation differently as opposed to a case of someone stealing perfume or a leather jacket. You have to know how to tailor your case to one that puts you in the most favourable light. This is where we differ from the discount waiver companies. We tailor each case to the individual person, circumstances and specific situation.

Completing the I-192 & G-325 is one thing. The trick is to know how to show that you are rehabilitated, not a danger to society and will not be a risk to re-offend. This is where we excel and the discount waiver companies lack expertise. This is especially extremely critical in the more serious offences like Misrepresentation, Sexual Assault, and Child Molestation. leads the industry in standards of excellence and superior achievement. We specialize in resolving all USA border crossing issues and do not limit our business to us entry waiver cases only. We are the only Canadian business that specializes in getting a person permanently cleared if they qualify. It is in our best interest to try to clear you permanently since this is a major revenue source for us.


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