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Denied Entry Waiver

Denied US Entry Waiver Application

Did you use a cheap Discount Waiver Company and get your us entry waiver application denied? Did you Google "Help, my us entry waiver just got denied!" Well, It is not an uncommon thing when you use these businesses. A lot of people don't realize that the cheap waiver companies and some lawyers do not know what they are doing in terms of preparing waiver applications. A lot of them do not understand or realize that not every case even requires a US Entry Waiver. It is not just about preparing the us entry waiver application. You have to specifically know what you are doing and preparing the best and strongest case presentation possible for you. It is not just a matter of filling out forms since an ape can be taught to fill out paper.

We can turn around a denial of a us entry Waiver application. It is a lot of work but can be done. Basically, we will have to undo whatever errors that lawyer or waiver company did in your case. It can be done and we have done it for a large number of people. Just remember in the future that you truly get what you pay for. Remember, if the price is dirt cheap, then you likely will not get good quality service and a favourable decision on your us entry waiver application.