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FBI state criminal records check

FBI state criminal records check

A decade back, background checks were not considered an important element while hiring individuals for various kinds of jobs. Character or criminal check was typically reserved for those who aspired to work for elite organizations such as military, police, intelligence and law enforcement. However, those days are passé. Today, even midsized corporations initiate a background or criminal check. And it goes without saying that these employers only seek individuals who are free of criminal entanglements.

This is where fingerprinting plays an important role!

The FBI retains fingerprint submissions made during arrests or when someone applies for a myriad of government services such as federal employment, naturalization or military service. In case you are unsure if you have a FBI state criminal record, and you are seeking a new job, Federal contract or planning to travel we strongly suggest that you get yourself fingerprinted and fetch a certified document from the police stating that you have a clean past.

Interestingly, most of the digital impressions submitted are initiated by authorities responsible for criminal justice. Some of the associated legal papers filed are criminal history summary and disposition reports. It is this database of records which is matched when you submit your own fingerprints for background check.

People generally tend to forget their past mistakes. In such a scenario it may come as a surprise if your name pops up in the FBI state criminal records database. A little digging will reveal the reason and the detailed criminal charges.

The process -

• Getting a certified and legalized background check letter is broadly a two step process. In fact, two departments are responsible for this ― the Department of State certification and Canada Embassy legalization.

• Individuals must remember that such a document is only authorized and certified by the U.S. Department of State.

• If you are seeking a Federal background check, you need to contact an FBI approved law agency. Once the first step is completed, the relevant document can then be mailed to the office in Washington D.C. for processing.