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International Fingerprinting

International Fingerprinting

Canadians and foreign nationals need certification of fingerprints from the RCMP for several reasons. At the very outset these digital impressions are sent to the Ottawa RCMP for scanning and digital authentication. As mentioned above, it therefore becomes imperative to undergo fingerprint screening test for a number of situations. Some of those are mentioned below.

Immigration to Canada - Foreign nationals typically fall under this category. Immigrating to this country needs several documents and references, and one of them is RCMP fingerprint certification. This step is applicable to most of the aspiring immigrants from across the globe.

Permanent Resident Status - Individuals applying for permanent residency needs to undergo international fingerprinting process. This is mandatory as your PR status is hooked on its outcome.

Canadian Citizenship - Yet another scenario which demands international fingerprinting is while applying for a Canadian citizenship.

Canadian Pardon and US Waiver Applications - One of the most common reasons for submitting digital fingerprints is to obtain a Canadian pardon. This in turn may offer hassle free travel, especially cross border travel. However, CBP will not accept a Canadian pardon, and therefore a waiver may be required. A U.S entry waiver too demands submission of digital fingerprints.

Miscellaneous - Some of the other situations which demand fingerprinting is while applying for a job, adoption and foreign travel, typically for visa purpose.

The Process -

International fingerprints must have crisp and smudge free combination of ten rolled impressions and flat impressions. It is advisable to undergo / complete a biometric authorization too. These documents are then sent electronically to the Ottawa RCMP. Individuals also need to understand that this process requires RCMP-C216-C form submission. Once the process is completed the RCMP certification can be received via standard or express mail or email which was mentioned in the application form. US Entry Waiver Services is quick, efficient and transparent in its workings. In case you have any query you can contact them directly.

As an aspiring individual in need of an RCMP certificate you also need to submit two valid, government issued identification (ID) documents. These could be any of the existing documents that you possess. Moreover the said documents have to be certified by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP).

In case you still have some queries we’d be happy to clarify them. With a battery of certified and passionate staff members you are just a call / email away from accessing our services.