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Did You Tell CBP That You Smoked Marijuana?
Mistakes related to drugs, especially Cannabis are committed at a young age, andsometimes even in twenties and thirties. This is a period when individuals seek careernirvana. Migrating to other cities and countries becomes a part of this aspiration. Jobswitches are common phenomena.
However, even a small and inconsequential drug related charge and a minimalisticsentence can ruin your life forever. The reason is because every marijuana convictedindividual enters into the Canadian criminal database and remains a part of this digitaldirectory. A quick background check by potential employers, border security personnel,and people interested in you can see your not so impeccable past.
Incidentally, drug related offences are not all limited to Cannabis. However, and as mentioned above, irrespective of the severity of the offence a record is created and the concerned entity is doomed for life. Canada has therefore drafted stern laws and severe penalties in case of misuse and abuse of marijuana.
This includes home plantation, consumption and possession. Break any one of them and you will quickly find your wayinto the criminal database of the Canadian government. Note that the Canadian government has legalised Marijuana; although there are still some Marijuana related offences on the books.
Some of penalties / sentences related to marijuana charges are extremely steep. Forexample possessing cannabis over the set limit is punishable with a jail term of up to 5years while illegal distribution can fetch a sentence of 14 years in jail. Another criminalscenario related to marijuana is selling the same to a minor. In such cases the offendermay be handed a severe punishment ― a 14 year jail term.
The problem is once the sentence is completed and the concerned individual turns intoa law abiding citizen the past can still haunt this person and ruin his/her future. Thereasons are several. Limited freedom, fewer job prospects, broken relationships and atag of criminal are some of the compelling repercussions which can make the life of theaffected person a nightmare.
Although legalization of Cannabis has reduced the number of cases, it nonetheless hasgiven rise to other forms of convictions. Buying under forged or fake documents, drivingin marijuana induced state, and smoking the same in prohibited places to name a few.
In addition, Canada pardons are not recognized by the U.S even if it is simple Cannabis /marijuana charge. The concerned individual will be denied entry at the border.Increased confusion between the state and federal laws of both the countries has turnedmarijuana related border denials into an unpleasant debate. However, with years ofexperience in this matter, our qualified staff can help you purge your record and / or getan Expedited Removal Waiver if case you received the 5 Year Ban about being caughtlying to CBP by denying drug use.
Remember, it is always a good idea to stay away from drugs. But mistakes can happen. Ifyou are one of those unfortunate individuals, then we strongly suggest that you call us.
We offer integrated solutions which mean we encounter issues such as needing “fastimmigration Surrey” and problems at the “Surrey border crossing” regularly. There is abeautiful and stigma free life waiting for you. Grab it now!
If CBP deems that you need a waiver because you admitted smoking Marijuana, then you will have to get one every few years for the rest of your life. This is a major headache for you since you will have to pay the full us entry waiver government application fee(currently $585USD), show that you no longer smoke and that you are “rehabilitated.”
Depending on what you say, you may also be referred out to the U.S. Immigration Panel Physician for a medical exam to see if you are deemed to be a drug abuser or addict.
We can clear these cases but they can be a lot of work since CBP has a very harsh view towards Marijuana smokers. These offences can be viewed even harsher than if you had a conviction for Manslaughter or Drive-By Shooting. They can be cleared quickly as opposed to admitting to smoking a joint.

CBP encourages their officers to pursue these kinds of cases since they are easy ones to write up and can help advance an officer’s career. This is done at your loss.

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