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PPT Waiver for Trafficking

PPT Waiver for Trafficking

One of the areas of inadmissibility, listed at the top on the U.S. Department of State website is called "Crimes of Moral Turpitude".

So, what does it mean and what are its repercussions? Well, it includes crimes like trafficking (drugs and human), possession of controlled drugs, money laundering, etc. As far as the fallout is concerned it is a lot of major work to obtain a waiver for these offences. Individuals need to understand that the convictions in the above mentioned crime categories require a different approach, and further it needs to be presented to the CBP in a certain kind of a way.

As of today, it has become even more difficult for entities convicted with the above mentioned crime/s to get a waiver. One thing that Donald Trump's successful Presidential election resulted in was issuing an executive order which essentially prevents all foreign drug dealers from entering USA. The CBP on its part has followed up with this directive by placing all PPT convictions under major scrutiny. The list of such convicted people can date back as far as 100 years and more.

As mentioned earlier, there are a lot of other criteria involved. However, we have successfully cleared several cases in this category although it does take time, energy, resources and research to get clearance for the said offences (Drug and human trafficking).

We have perfected a method which over the years has become a proprietary approach. It took us two years, but we now are aware of what is needed to successfully get a waiver for PPT and/or a sex crime. We'll reiterate our earlier observation that it is massive work, but it can be done. You might wonder why such information or the steps involved in getting clearance for such convictions is not put up on this website.

The answer to this secrecy is the way our competitors use and misuse such information. In fact, due to their sloppy interpretation even we suffer once in a while as rampant and banal approach leads to redundancy and failures. We can get you cleared for PPT and will offer a 50% refund if your PPT case gets denied. This is how strongly we feel in our ability to get these types of cases cleared. This policy will be effective from 1st May 2019.