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Terms of Agreement

Terms of Agreement

A Canadian Pardon or Record Suspension is a unique gift given to individuals by the Federal Government of Canada to begin a new life ― without any past criminal record. This is only possible if the concerned individuals have proven that they have completed their sentence, been rehabilitated and have turned into law abiding citizens.

U.S Entry Waiver Services then prepares an application and presents the same to the Parole Board of Canada in the most compelling manner. However, the task is not so easy. We spend a lot of time and manpower doing research, creating reference documents, application form, cover letter and other forms of presentation. It typically enhances the chances of winning the case. On successful culmination, individuals enjoy the benefits of normal citizens. This may or may not provide you with hassle free cross border travel.

Because of the nature of our business it is impossible to pullback once the process is initiated and therefore a refund is simply not possible unless approved by management on special cases and circumstances. By hiring our services you agree to the following terms and conditions.

1. U.S Entry Waiver Services and its employees, directors, owners and vendors shall not be legally bound for a successful culmination. You also agree not to demand refund, chargeback or take any form of legal action. As mentioned above, due to the nature of our work and the time involved, customization of each case makes it impossible to do any refunds (unless approved by management on special cases and circumstances). Before you retain our services, we offer you ample time, this includes question and answer session/s. We thoroughly explain the steps involved and what we are doing for you.

2. To prepare the Pardon / Record Suspension application we need several documents, signatures and supporting evidence. You agree to provide the same on time so that RCMP reports and relevant court documents do not collide with the eligibility date.

3. Our case study experts are the best in this industry. If we pick up your application it means you stand a good chance of getting a pardon / record suspension. However, sometimes situations change during the processing period, and therefore we shall be upfront with you about the full cost and success of your waiver so there are no surprises, and at the same time keep you informed of any negative progress.

4. We are confident that the cost of US Entry Waiver Services with our agency is among the best in the industry. We will prepare application on your behalf so that you can sit back and relax. In the meantime you agree to co-operate and not challenge the concerned case officer in any manner.

5. As mentioned above, absolute refund is impossible unless approved by management on special cases and circumstances.

For more information on our fee structures, disbursement costs or anything else please feel free to call and discuss your case with a staff member. We require a minimum of half the money down to begin your file and would be happy to work out an affordable, monthly payment plan that will suit your budget. Please also note that you will not get the waiver packet given to you for submission until your balance is paid in full.