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US Entry Waiver

In simple terms, a US entry waiver is an official document issued by U.S. Customs and Border Protection that will allow a person that was deemed inadmissible to legally enter the United States. This document is issued from the Admissibility Review Office and will grant you permission to journey to and hopefully allow you to enter the USA. Now people have been misinformed by the competitors that a US Entry waiver will automatically allow you entry. This is not necessarily the case since the waiver has to be valid and cover the specific reason(s) for inadmissibility. CBP officers can still deny you entry irregardless of the fact that you have a waiver or not. Granting entry is at the discretion of CBP and they have the final approval authority as to whether you are allowed entry or not. Chances are though that you will likely be allowed to enter but it is not a 100% guarantee.

Note that not every criminal offence will even require a US Entry Waiver. In some cases, you may not even need one or could qualify for the Lifetime Clearance. It is entirely possible that CBP may have mistakenly deemed you inadmissible to the United States

A US Entry waiver application does have specific criteria that will have to be met before it is issued by CBP. There are some factors that will increase or decrease your chances of being approved.

These factors can include:

Type of crime

  • Reason for Admissibility
  • Number of charges or convictions
  • Recency of your criminal record
  • Proof of Rehabilitation

Proper preparation of your US Entry Waiver packet is key to success. WE excel in this area and is the reason why 99% of our cases get approved. We have specialized knowledge in this area, and we have staff members and associates that formerly worked for Homeland Security and US Law Enforcement agencies. This gives us the home field advantage over competitors since we can visualize your case through the eyes of Homeland Security and examine it as we were the adjudicating officers. WE will put your case through the same stress test that they use to decide if you will be approved. This results in the fact that your case has a very high degree of probability of getting approved. Remember we aggressively work for you on your behalf. We do not work for CBP and we see them as the adversary. We have started in this business 1995 as this is when some of our staff members became experienced from working for American law enforcement agencies to include INS, US Customs, The US Dept of Defense and Washington State Law Enforcement agencies. We are extremely familiar with the US federal government systems and agencies. US Entry Waivers are a drop in the bucket for our vast level of knowledge since we were the ones that were adjudicating, handcuffing and arresting violators. In system terms, we know the system inside out and were the ones training the trainers.

When will my waiver case be ready for submission?

We have a goal of having every case ready within a 120-day time frame. The longest part may be waiting on the Canadian courts to send us the court file.

What is the cost for my US Entry Waiver case?

Our goal is to win, and it is our responsibility to aggressively work for you on your behalf to successfully provide you with the favourable results that you have retained us for. This is why we do not list fees since it will be different for each case and will depend on a variety of factors that are case specific to your situation. It is idiotic to list a one size fit all fee for every case since each case will have its own unique particulars. We do have a fee structure that are based on 3 types of things:

Category:1 Cases involve things like: Money Laundering, Cross border drug smuggling, Home Invasions, Heavy weapon offences, Death Threats, Atrocious Assaults and Dismemberment and more. These types of cases will cost more to clear based on the amount of time involved in successfully preparing your application.

Category:2 Type cases involve things: like Car Theft, B & E, Simple Theft and etc.

Category:3 Cases are the ones that qualify for the Lifetime Clearance

An example is that obviously, we would prepare a case for someone that stole a leather jack at age 19 and now is a 60-year-old man differently, than someone that smuggled 1000 tons of Cocaine into the United States, laundered millions of dollars or molested small children at the Church. The good thing is that we specialize in resolving complex cases, do most of the work and have a 99% success in getting all cases cleared. It is unethical for a waiver business to list a one size fits all fee for a waiver since each case is adjudicated on its own merits by CBP. A company that list a blanket fee for every waiver case either does not care about winning and is only in it for the fast buck or do not know what they are doing. Either way, this will result in a denial on your US entry Waiver case.

There are many Reasons you may require a US waiver and we cover them all to include medical inadmissibility. WE essentially cover and resolve all USA border crossing issues and do not limit ourselves to US Entry Waivers only. we have extensive experience completing criminal inadmissibility waivers as well as waivers for those who have overstayed their welcome and/or been deported.

Please note that we regularly talk to people that mistakenly believe or were told that they need a US Entry Waiver. This is not true since you can get a September Letter for certain offences. The only way to be sure you are not at risk when crossing the border is to contact us before you make an entry.

The waiver application process

Applying for a US entry waiver is a long and complicated process now and it begins with having your fingerprints taken by a police jurisdiction or an RCMP accredited fingerprinting agency. We can help you with the fingerprinting for these cases. We complete your application from start to finish.

Start Your US Entry Waiver Today

US Entry Waiver Services has been helping people for nearly 30 years. We prepare your border crossing case on your behalf so you can rest easy knowing that you are being sorted out quite proper. Once your waiver/lifetime clearance is approved, you will be allowed to enter the United States. Get started right now and do not delay.

Who should you hire? Should it be a lawyer, an agency or an US Immigration Law Intelligence Analyst?

Well the Discount Waiver companies/agencies have a notorious record for ripping people off and often do not know what they are doing. This is why you get the dirt cheat $399 prices. A lawyer will often have outrageous fees and will often make major mistakes on cases. This is assuming that they even answer the phone when you are trying to reach him. A Law Analyst combines the knowledge of a lawyer and is steps above an agency. So, you get the knowledge of a lawyer at a very reasonable price. In this way, you get the best of both worlds. So, you ask how does an Analyst get his knowledge? Well let me give you an example. Who will know more about criminal law in general? A lawyer 10 years out of law school or a Swat trained police homicide investigator that has been in law enforcement for 30 years and out in the field. Now picture this same former homicide investigator is now a Law Analyst. Your 10-year lawyer will obviously be going to the homicide investigator for advice on how to win a criminal case. You get the picture.

US Entry Waiver Services are composed of Immigration Law Analysts with extensive experience in the industry and more.

CBP does have access to Canadian criminal and other databases but we know which ones and what they can and cannot see. Competitors do not have this knowledge. We also have access to their training manuals and other material that they give officers on performing their jobs as inspectors at the borders. In other words, we know their training and what they can and cannot do.

You can contact us virtually 24 hours a day if you want more information. My staff members also can-do home visits if needed. We offer things and services that the competitors can only dream about. I have 8 locations around the world to include Canada, USA, Estonia and the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. We are a global entity. We do not limit ourselves to us entry waivers only.