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Are you wanted by U.S. Law Enforcement? do you know a wanted person?

Are you wanted by U.S. Law Enforcement?

The law works at its own pace. Unfortunately, this is true and possibly a bitter fact. So, what does this mean for citizenry? Well, here is the scenario: In case there is an active arrest warrant against you, and it has not been served, chances are there is a possibility that you could get arrested as soon as a background check is completed.

Now, a background check could arise due to number of reasons. If you are applying for a civil / federal job or contract, travelling abroad, volunteering for sensitive placement or even if you initiate this check on your own. There is yet another reason that we should discuss. If you get involve in another unlawful activity like DUI, dangerous driving,trafficking, etc. Sometimes law enforcement agencies will not serve an arrest warrant immediately. There is a possibility that it can take a long time. An outstanding arrest warrant is dangerous as it can bring down your life in a very unpleasant way.

As an individual you need to understand that court proceedings and judgements and subsequent orders such as arrest warrants are recorded. The concerned law enforcement agency just needs to scan the criminal database to find out if an arrest warrant has been issued against an individual or not.

What if I am not sure?

There are three ways to go about it. One, engage a professional and renowned immigration law intelligence analyst firm, two, possibly explore the internet and three, walk into your local police department and ask them if you have an active arrest warrant. Unquestionably, the third choice has an obvious risk. Yes, you can check if you have an arrest warrant pending against you by visiting specific government websites. Moreover, the search is confidential and you will not land into any further trouble by just searching the database.

The problem is people tend to forget their past mistakes. Running a red light, accidently hitting someone with your car and then fleeing the scene or worst driving under the influence of drugs / alcohol are some of those. So, don't be surprised if your name actually shows up while conducting a background check. The problem becomes even more embarrassing when you apply for a job or need to travel. A simple check could ruin your career and your travel plans which might be hinged to a larger goal.

If the threat of an impending arrest warrant is crippling your life, then we may be able to help you. Remember, your warrant could also be issued by a federal law enforcement agency. In case you have an outstanding USA arrest warrant, you may or may not be arrested while trying to cross the border.

A U.S entry waiver document may make a big difference after you get arrested and convicted. A Record deletion or sealing is sometimes the best way to get rid of that fear. While expunge / record deletion results in complete removal of any criminal record that was ever made, a sealed record does not provide that benefit for USA border crossing purposes. Depending on the relevant database, it could continue to exist within the system till it is expunged.

At U.S Entry Waiver Services we understand this emotional and legal entanglement and therefore provide the best option for issues related to U.S state warrant record check. It is always advisable to first build a clean record and then initiate travel and career switches. It will lead to success and happiness. Call us today to share your worries.