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Fingerprinting is not a taboo. In fact in the coming years it will become a standard practice in the security space. It is an essential step for a conclusive background check and vulnerable sector checks in Canada. Incidentally, the process is initiated through RCMP Civil Fingerprint Division in Ottawa, popularly called the Canadian Criminal Real Time Identification Services (CCRTIS). The fingerprints are then sent to CPIC or the Canadian Police Information Centre. It is here these submitted digital impressions are matched and verified for a number of reasons.

CPIC is one of the computer systems which offers law enforcement agencies an integrated database of records.

As a rule of thumb, this database contains criminal records registered at the national level. If your name doesn't appear on the system, it could mean that you have a clean background. However, at the local level you might still have a negative file depending on the seriousness of the event/s which might have occurred in your life. In a way fingerprinting is good for those who would like to know their standing with CPIC. It also makes sense because you can then agree for a background check wholeheartedly which actually falls under non-criminal / civil information retrieval category.

We have an associate that provides fingerprinting service in your area and at times even at your place (Home & Office). These days CCRTIS does not accept non-digital impressions. It simply means finger printing is done via electronic machine which is then sent to the relevant authority for identification / verification.

One also needs to understand that fingerprinting is of utmost importance when it comes to hiring people / individuals for sensitive industries, especially where children and teens below the age of 18 years are involved. Some of the other reasons or scenarios for fingerprinting service are mentioned below.

Many organizations these days require people to get a criminal or vulnerable sector check done. This not only offers a sense of confidence but makes sure that no untoward mishap occurs in the future. Non-profit organizations, NGO’s and sensitive workplaces typically look out for a way to verify the credentials of prospective employees. Finger printing offers them a perfect platform to accomplish that chore.

Foreign travel and name change are some of the other common reasons for assessing fingerprinting service. As mentioned above fingerprinting is here to stay, and with the passage of time it will become the de facto way of verifying the identity of citizens. That it also offers other benefits is a simply an associated bonus.

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